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We're proud of the trainig program that we've developed at Keystone. We have team members ready to meet the needs of almost any rider.


Rick Smith leads Keystone's team, bringing his 40+ years of experience to help new riders get involved with horses. Rick has bred, trained, and shown his own national champion horses, and let countless riders through the levels. Rick is great at matching riders with horses--whether for show or as family horses, and is usually the first point of contact for new clients. Rick evalauates new students and in consultation with the client, places them with the instructor best suited to meet the client's needs.


David Macmillan is the most accomplished dressage rider and trainer in the state. David boasts        highest Grand Prix scores, is nationally ranked, has extensive international experience, and is truly a world class rider. David works with ambitious riders of all levels and brings out the best in everyone. David has worked with Olympic athletes and some of the top trainers in Europe and brings his extensive knowledge and skill to us--all the way out in Bluffdale, Utah. 


Rachel Kenyon is Keystone's backbone. Rachel spends most of her waking hours training horses and teaching students. She lives and breathes for correct improvement of horse and rider. Rachel is passionate about the horses she works with. Rachel has a BS in Equine Management, a USDF bronze medal, and has extensive experience running large programs.



Mallorie Mauss, Asypn Stanley, Bekka Chappell and Susie Dunn teach lessons to most of our young students. Both instructors are safety minded, experienced, and great with children. We're often hearing praise for them from both students and their parents. We teach children from their very first ride, to their very first horse show.


Cate Cooper is our coach for the youth show team. Cate specializes in hunter/jumpers and works with clients with show ring aspirations. Cate's expereince comes to us from the East Coast where she trained and showed horses since she was a child. Cate has worked under some of the big names in the jump world and teaches her students with a disciplined approach.